CONDG Meeting – October 2008

Here are some links from notes taken at the October meeting of the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group:

Meeting dates were announced for the Columbus Architecture Group and MDC Detroit.

James Johnson of Data Dynamics gave a demonstration of the Data Dynamics Analysis component.

Alex Moore talked about Parallel Extensions to the .Net Framework and gave a brief but cool demonstration that used ray tracing as the computational load to show the difference in execution time with and without parallel functions.

Kishore Patel of Cyber-SWIFT talked about GIS mapping applications with .NET. He gave Buckeye Traffic as an example of such an application.

Steve Horn talked about jQuery. Steve also spoke highly of Firebug.

Mel Grubb who works for Quick Solutions talked about the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) rules engine and how to do stuff with it that I have no clue about. I have not worked at all with WF so I don’t see the big picture that would give context to the demo.

Greg Malcolm talked about Mono and showed a few examples. His PC was running Kubuntu. When he fired it up I wondered if there would be any moaning and groaning from the crowd of Microsoft developers. I didn’t hear any (and no objects where thrown either). I suspect many in attendance have an old PC at home with some flavor of Linux on it. Greg mentioned GtkSharp and MoMA, a tool to help with migrating .NET applications to Mono.

Craig McKeachie and Tim Hibner talked about Sitefinity, a Content Management System.

This was not a complete list of presenters (nor was it in order of presentation). Just some notes.

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