Hello (again)

I suppose this is a good time of year, with it being cold and gray and uninspiring outside, to spend most of a weekend working on a blog. By working on a blog I don’t mean writing content but rather the installation and configuration of WordPress and some exporting and importing to get content from an old blog. There are a couple posts dated prior to this one that I brought forward from my previous blog at www.bogusoft.com (which is now back to being just a static bit of computer geek satire). I hope to get to posting here soon and not just working on the plumbing of the blog itself. There is, however, more plumbing to do and a few loose ends to tidy up over the next week or so.  I hate to use the tired phrase “under construction” (what web site is not still under construction?) but I suppose that applies.

(To answer my own parenthetical question:  A web site that only exists in the WayBack Machine.)

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