ColARC Meeting – March 2009

I’ve heard the announcements for the meetings of the Columbus Architecture Group few times at the CONDG meetings and decided to check it out. They did a series of short presentations in the lightning talk (also known as blitz babble) format.

Brian Disbrow talked about company strategy as it relates to the tensions and trade-offs between achieving operational excellence, customer alliance (that’s not the term he used, I should take better notes), and market leader position.

Andrew Holowaty, who works for Agile Technologies, talked about a custom reporting framework he has been working on. He uses ASP.NET and the Enterprise Library to deliver customizable reports in a lightweight framework that is configured using angle brackets (ok, there’s some stuff between the brackets too).

James Bender was riding a bus in the clouds after spending too much time at the Mellow Mushroom.

Craig Stuntz talked about the ubiquitous URI and some subtleties surrounding its use in web-based systems. He gave some good food for thought regarding the benefit of immutable URIs that convey meaning without revealing much about the underlying system. If a URL (a form of URI) ends with .php or .aspx, for example, there is a greater chance that URL may change someday if the technology implementing the web resource changes.

Greg Malcom presented SAPS DAME which is an acronym for:



Though I think he actually presented it as PASS MADE.

Sorry, it’s getting late.

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