iHome Portable Speaker

iHome picture

I picked up the iHome portable speaker for iPod (model iHM3B) at Wal-Mart for less than $20 a few months ago. I like it enough to mention it here in case someone else looking for a portable speaker for their mp3 player happens to stumble upon this blog. It is designed to work with an iPod but I don’t have an iPod (not that I don’t want one – I just don’t have one). Fortunately it has a 1/8 inch stereo jack so I can use it with my Sansa mp3 player (the Sansa was cheap and it works, but it’s not the subject here). The iHome takes four AAA batteries and comes with a set of alkaline batteries. I have been using rechargeable batteries and am pleased that it will play for hours on a charge even though rechargeable batteries tend to deliver less power than alkaline batteries. The iHome is also louder than I expected it to be. I can even listen to it while I’m in the shower (don’t take it in the shower – it’s not waterproof). Keep in mind I use it to listen to podcasts that are mostly talk, not much music. If you want jamming bass you’ll have to go bigger.

iHome picture

I suppose mine will mess up now that I’ve bragged about it. Well, at this point I feel I’ve got my money’s worth anyway. I’d buy another.

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